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What's new in Secure Code Warrior: May 2022

Easier and more powerful Courses creation flow, early access toggle, and SAP ABAP training content.

At Secure Code Warrior, we are constantly innovating to improve our customer experience and add value through the platform.

This month, we have released new updates to the Courses admin experience, the ability to get early access to new features with less wait time, and SAP:ABAP content.

Now administrators can more easily manage Courses with a better end-user experience, thanks to a powerful tabular view with the ability to perform bulk actions across languages and vulnerability categories. Plus, you can now get early access to new features with the help of a simple on-off toggle.

Let's dive in and find out more!

Create and manage courses more easily with our new Courses creation experience

Now you can easily design and deploy Courses across multiple learning paths and languages through bulk actions. Instead of taking time to replicate the process, you can place more focus on the content and strategy to help your developers learn more effectively.

Currently, Courses creation flow updates are available for company admins to use.

Save time designing Courses with a powerful tabular view and search experience

Course information across all languages and vulnerability categories is now accessible in a single view, making it easier for you to create courses for different development teams quickly.

Thanks to the new tabular view, you can easily see an overview of content at a glance or drill down into the details. Course content is also easier to navigate now, as it is grouped by language and vulnerability categories with additional details, such as activity types, difficulty, and more at each group level.

You can even narrow it down to the details you want to focus on by using the search function, or by applying filters. Plus, table data can be exported into another application or analyzed further by exporting all or filtered rows into a CSV file.

Screenshot of secure coding courses tabular view.
A fully-functional tabular view

Screenshot of secure coding courses filters.
Multiple ways to filter the table
Table data is portable with CSV export
Table data is portable with CSV export

Do more with fewer clicks with bulk actions

You can make bulk changes to the course from one place instead of applying changes across every language. Bulk actions will save admins time and let them focus on what matters—designing the right course experience for developers.

New bulk actions include:

  • Add a course focus, such as OWASP Top 10 or specific vulnerability categories for all languages
  • Add languages to a course and update content quickly
  • Copy, lock or unlock modules for selected or all rows
  • Remove languages or modules from the course
  • Set up a welcome and end-of-course message in one go for all languages
Apply bulk actions to all or selected table data
Apply bulk actions to all or selected table data

Welcome message
Welcome message
End-of-course activity
End-of-course activity

End-of-course assessment pathways

Now you can tailor end-of-course assessment for each language and manage it from a single view.

You can easily create tailored assessment pathways, based on language and course types, to measure and evaluate skills upon course completion.

End-of-course assessment pathways.
End-of-course assessment pathways

Get early access to new features

Demo of turning on Early Access options.
How to use Early Access options

In the past, if you wanted to know what new features are coming and try them out before general availability, you would need to talk to your Customer Success Managers and wait for our team to turn features on for you.

Now you have control over when and which feature to turn on for your team with just a simple toggle in the Administration tab. No more wait time is needed.

Simply go to Administration > More > Early Access to try it out.

This functionality will be utilized for more features, especially those that involve significant changes to user experiences—allowing you to better control your experience.

Curious what features are available for early access? Check out some of the current options:

> An improved home page view for a more unified experience

> Courses updates:

  1. Preview Status mode
  2. Bulk actions on course content
  3. Global welcome message
  4. End-of-course activity improvements

Currently, the Early Access options are available for company admins to use.

Secure ABAP applications with newly released training content

Demo of an ABAP secure coding challenge
Locate an ABAP vulnerability

Now developers coding in ABAP can join in on the fun of highly engaging and relevant secure coding training! The new training will help developers improve their secure coding skills and reduce vulnerabilities in ABAP code.

With Secure Code Warrior coding challenges and Missions (hands-on labs), you can provide a program that covers:

  1. Self-paced training that developers can enjoy at the time they need it
  2. Targeted learning pathways that align with compliance, security frameworks, or developer skill levels
  3. Fun coding competitions
  4. Secure coding competency assessments

Read more about our ABAP training content here.


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